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    The moving company for removals
    in Germany, Europe and to and from overseas
    for corporate and private customers: HERTLING!


  • Berlin
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Mr. S. K. / local removal

    "Meanwhile the 4th move (hopefully the last one) with Hertling; otherwise with Hertling again."
  • Frankfurt/Main
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Mr. S. M. / Overseas removal

    "Thank you for a good job!"
  • Düsseldorf
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Mr. D. B. / Overseas removal

    "Very good service, high quality packaging."
  • Eberswalde
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Mr P. M. / local removal

    "I chose Hertling because of the very good experience with previous moves and did not seek any further offers."
  • Berlin
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Corporate customer / office removal

    "Super Team. Super friendly. Perfect."
  • Frankfurt/Main
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Mr. S. P. / Overseas removal

    "Very efficient and very pleasant cooperation!"
  • Düsseldorf
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Ms D.V. / European removal

    "The team is really nice. Thanks for all :)"
  • Eberswalde
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Ms. E. B / local removal

    "We inquired several companies and your company convinced us. We will recommend you! A company from our region was important to us. Everything was super!!! "
  • Berlin
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Ms. U. G. / local removal

    "So quiet, so unobtrusive, so polite, so prudent, sooooo diligent and sooooo happy  the team, the" boys ", put together excellently. I thank you from the heart. "
  • Frankfurt/Main
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Mrs. E. H. J. / Overseas removal

    "very friendly & very helpful"
  • Düsseldorf
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Dr. P.K. / local removal

    "very friendly team!"
  • Eberswalde
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Ms A. B. / European removal

    "Absolutely professional and smooth move. Excellent team from the branch in Eberswalde. Any time again!"
  • Berlin
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Corporate client T. I. D. / long-distance removal

    "After having recovered somewhat from our move in recent weeks, I wanted to thank you and your colleagues for the efficient and friendly execution! For the first time, the move took place during the week, not on the weekend, and colleagues were thrilled with how smoothly everything went. Please pass on the praise to your employees!"
  • Frankfurt/Main
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Ms. M. B. / Import

    "The crew was amazing, professional and very knowledgeable in their work performance."
  • Düsseldorf
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Mr. W. E. / national long-distance removal

    "The guys were just great!"
  • Eberswalde
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Fam. R. M. and N. M. / national long-distance removal

    "Everything worked perfectly! All staff were competent and very friendly."
  • Berlin
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Mr D. W. / national long-distance removal

    "Easy, very professional move. Very friendly staff. No damages. Gladly again!"
  • Frankfurt/Main
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Mr. A. J. / European removal

    "They did a very good job on both each of the move. They were professional, on time and friendly."
  • Düsseldorf
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    E. D. and R. D. / local removal

    "Outstanding staff! Great work! We can only recommend you. Thank you very much!"
  • Eberswalde
    Hertling Umzüge Kundenmeinung

    Ms W. R. / local removal

    "The company Hertling was recommended to me, so I decided not to get another offer. For my move you have provided me a well-rehearsed team, so was my impression. The procedure was organized and prudent, there is no damage to the furniture. Thanks to the whole team, it was fun!"


Our Mission Statement

Our prime objective is to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction with the most economical and modern work methodology available.

Our Quality Management Officer ensures that quality and employee motivation is upheld for the benefit of our clients.

This can only be achieved if the system to ensure quality is applied effectively and is continually reconfirmed. Of significant importance is the cooperation of all employees and their conviction that the competitiveness of the business is at the core and is continually invigorated.

Over 150 years of experience in the removals business and in freight forwarding is the basis of trust in our professional execution of transport commissions of every degree of difficulty. The satisfaction expressed by our clients is testimony of our competency, timeliness and price equity.


  • Greetings from HERTLING from Mainhattan!

    During a recent office relocation in Frankfurt am Main, our relocation team went high up in one of the Frankfurt skyscrapers that make up the skyline of the Main metropolis.

  • File Storage And File Management with Pick-up And Delivery Service

    If you no longer know what to do with your files, then we have the right solution for you with Hertling file management.

  • You can also go to the Canary Islands with HERTLING!

    To live where others do vacation! 😊

  • This week there was a special visit to our moving company in Berlin. Our former employee Mr. Günther N. visited us.

    On this occasion and to see our very long-time companion again, our former managing director Mr. C. Cock-Johnsen and our former dispatcher / inspector Mr. Wolfgang M., who is now also in well-earned retirement, came.

  • Secure Mounting - Dowel training at Hertling!

    We offer moving services beyond just transport! For example, we hang up pictures, attach curtain rods, mount furniture on the wall and install lamps and lighting systems for our customers.

  • New forklift for the container warehouse in Berlin

    We had already told you about the “Container Tetris” that had become necessary at HERTLING in Frankfurt am Main.

  • New container yard in Frankfurt am Main

    We announced it back in 2022. Now the time has finally come... since today our new container yard at the Frankfurt am Main site has been managed.

  • Your driver license, please!

    We no longer have to tell our drivers that.

  • Not every anniversary is a reason to celebrate!

    Today marks the anniversary of the beginning of a terrible war in Europe. What are wars for? It's incomprehensible. It really is time for peace!

  • Occasion of the Business Day

    On the occasion of the Business Day initiated by the Wirtschaftsförderung Frankfurt GmbH, we welcomed a delegation consisting of representatives of the city adminstration of Frankfurt am Main, the Economic Development Agency, the Frankfurt am Main Chamber of Commerce and Industry and a number of companies from the Nieder-Eschbach industrial park to our branch last week.

  • Our drivers also have to go to school on a regular basis!

    Because the Professional Driver Qualifications Act (abbreviated to BKrFQG, it still remains a tongue twister) stipulates that drivers in commercial road haulage and passenger transport must undergo regular further training. The further training obligation is satisfied by completing 5 training modules over a period of 5 years.

  • The longest love in the moving world!

    HERTLING has loved moving since 1865.

  • The agony of choice!

    Which parties will be elected after the elections to the Berlin House of Representatives and the 12 district assemblies on Sunday, February 12 in the capital Berlin and then move into the people's representative bodies, is not yet certain.

  • Moving from very small to very large

    There are not only hard-working model builders in our own ranks, but obviously also beyond!

  • So, the car is packed!

    We look forward to the job fair in the Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt am Main.

  • Today the gray and cold winter weather puts a bit of a strain on the mood!

    Looking at photos with bright colors such as the bright HERTLING container yellow and the blue Berlin sky above, lifts the mood right away! 😊

  • A Journey Through Time to the Late 1950S

    “Our” model makers got the inspiration to recreate a historical scene from our HERTLING photo album, for which we are very grateful.

  • Office move in Frankfurt am Main

    From the top of the 18th floor office building St. Martin Tower, planned by the architects @meyerschmitzmorkramer, our "BigYellow" almost looks as if it was built by our model builders and placed in a model landscape! 😊

  • 10 years in the HERTLING team

    We are very pleased to congratulate Mr. Jörg R. being 10 years in the HERTLING team.

  • Office move in Berlin

    At the end of the 2nd week of the new year 2023 we were allowed to move one of our regular customers to a new location in the heart of Berlin.

  • Today on 11.01. is "International Thank You Day"!

    And how could it be otherwise, so often the origin can be found in the USA.

  • New Furniture Service in Berlin

    For one of our international customers, the Hertling team carried out a new furniture service in Berlin just before Christmas.

  • Welcome to the new year!

    We wish you all a happy and healthy year 2023!

  • Warm greetings for the turn of the year!

    Health, happiness and success should be your companions in the New Year.

    HERTLING focuses on quality and environmental awareness and strong partners. Learn more >>